Wonderful Music Star E-Book (Unit)

This series of Wonderful Music Star E-Book is sold per unit. It is designed to be used along with materials such as the chime bars and percussion kit. This book includes appealing illustrations, stickers, flashcards and a variety of singing, movement and coloring activities make it the perfect series for encouraging a child’s interest in music and developing their knowledge. Wonderful Music Star is a step-by-step series of 11 songs that are connected with a story. Each new element is introduced and explored by means of an inventive system of activities that is guaranteed to appeal to young children. This book is compulsory to be used for the WMS Early Years Medal assessment by the UK National College of Music and Arts.



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Unit 1: Good Morning

Unit 2: Let’s Play Our Instruments

Unit 3: Fingers Play

Unit 4: Su-O-Gan

Unit 5: The Animals Are Singing

Unit 6: Funny Dance

Unit 7: Goodbye Song

Unit 8: Sunset and Moonlight

Unit 9: Beautiful Star

Unit 10: Praying Song

Unit 11: Ode to Joy

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Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, Unit 4, Unit 5, Unit 6, Unit 7, Unit 8, Unit 9, Unit 10, Unit 11


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