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  • It’s a music course for Early Years program which suitable for 2-4 or 5 year old.
  • It’s the pioneer Early years music program to be recognized by the UK exam in Malaysia, China, UK, Hong Kong. 
  • This course consists of a method book, chime bars, and some supplementary materials such as flash cards, music mat, etc.
  • Music, arrangement and illustrations are originally created by ourselves. 
  • Our method is child-friendly which DOESN’T NEED ANY WRITING, just stickers pasting and music movement and singing.
  • Can be used as home setting practice as the QR or CD music playback are provided in the book for students to follow.

This course caters for young children of age two to four year old. This course fits the purpose of a sort of guidance for parents, teachers, as well as some practitioners to develop musical activities in group or private class settings. The concept of picture books enhance the young ones to learn music or language through the interesting graphics as well as hear the song. All these musical experiences are introduced to develop the tonal memory and musical expression as well as to help the little young children to be exposed to the enjoyment of musical growth.

Individual / Group Class
  • Babies fall asleep to lullabies for a reason! When a baby is introduced to music at around 6 months, they might begin to engage with it - moving or dancing. As your child grows, they will be able to familiarize themselves with music even more. Once they are around age 2, they will begin to recognize songs and instruments.
  • A great way to have fun with your child and encourage their curiosity in music is to take a class at Heavenly Star Music. We offer the Wonderful Music Star Program for children ages 2-5. Check out all the details on our website: We’d love to meet your little musician.
  • The ages 4-7 are usually the most ideal for starting to learn an instrument. Not only are kids’ hands and minds functional enough to play, but they can actually begin to understand the basics of music.
  • A great way for kids to start learning more about music is to sign them up for a weekly class here called Wonderful Music Star. Children will be able to interact with each other, learning an instrument and the basics of music theory in the process. This also gives parents a little bit of a break in their busy week.
  • If your child decides that music is something they want to adopt as a hobby or professional music class, you can also sign them up for private lessons  to learn a variety of instruments! And the best part is that they aren’t required to have any prior musical experience or knowledge. Our friendly instructors are here to encourage and teach your child wherever their skill set lies.
  • Ideal Instruments: Piano, Voice, Ukulele,Violin, etc.
  • Our school also provides varieties of group classes for young kids such as piano ensembles, choir, WMS Chime Bars Ensemble, Little Composers and etc. It’s a weekly or monthly program for these group classes.
Wonderful Music Star Teacher Training
  • Teachers can get recognised UK NCM certificate via completing the teacher training program. Teachers also can help students to have a sense of achievement via lead them to participate in the WMS Early Years Medal Assessment.
  • Wonderful Music Star Teacher Training is designed to provide detailed instructions and materials needed to be used in lessons, with well thought out lesson plans. With various notable influences such as the Orff and Kodaly music education system, Wonderful Music Star specializes in toddler music education, where children would learn using appealing illustrations and diverse activities, such as singing, movements, percussion instrument playing, colouring etc. The course is designed with a systematic approach, where the songs can be connected and a story is told throughout the whole course.
E-commerce Store
  • We provide a wide range of products, including teaching materials such as the Wonderful Music Star course books, chime bars and percussion instruments. Besides, we also provide supplementary materials such as the stave whiteboard, Kodaly solfege hand sign cards, instrument care products and more. Do visit our Shop to select the items of your likings!

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