Piano Chef Junior Course is the pioneer of the piano-cooking program in the early childhood field.  This course is recognized by the international exam boards, Trinity College London and National College Music and Arts. We believe that the connection of the food and music could bring a lot of excitement. This new idea had led the young children to explore the most natural and fun life skill (cooking/baking) and also highly involvement in the varieties of piano activities through our program, and thus the program aims for training of “little pianist little chef”.

This course fits the purpose of sort of guidance for parents, teachers, as well as practitioners to develop musical activities in a group or private class settings. The concept of adopting the food recipe into the music composition and arranged the music into various styles such as jazzy, lounge, new age, opera is not just solely a new and innovative method in our 21st century, but most importantly it enhances the young ones to learn piano or music language through the fun, happy and syncing the cooking skill in their realistic lifestyle.

Moreover, this approach is a systematic piano method book where

children will explore to solfege singing, piano technique book where each lesson will have specific piano technique to learn with some tips guideline and fingering given, the orchestral ensemble book for the purpose of building the piano trio or duet as well as the songs are arranged into an “orchestral” arrangement for the children to perform with their peers, also the theory book to build up a solid foundation to support the piano learning of the young children. Overall, the musical experiences of singing, aural listening, piano technique, music theory, orchestral or ensemble musical experiences are introduced to develop the interests as well as to lead the children towards the professional piano training through step by step learning.

Piano Chef Junior Course provides the step by step piano learning course from elementary level till Grade 5 level after the completion of the program. Apart from this, this program also provides a lot of creative and innovative components for the students to perform or work with their peers in the music project. This includes drama/ storytelling, simple composition writing, writing their own fingering, and etc. 

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