Chime Bars Playing for Early Years Music

A traditional xylophone is always a great instrument for kids, but if your child is just getting started with music then individual chime bars or resonator bells are an excellent choice. They allow you to introduce the notes gradually, concentrating on just two or three at a time. The fact that they aren’t fixed means that you can play a lot more games where they can be shared out, or hidden. These sets are particularly good because they look like a complete instrument in a case, but they actually come out and can be played separately.

Invaluable Teaching Tool

There are a whole host of benefits of chime bars for younger children. From developing motor skills, hand eye coordination, listening skills, colour and number practice to learning to sing in tune to simple intervals. Chime bars are also brilliant for teaching kids solfege, which builds a firm foundation for learning to read, hear and play all music.

In short, they teach kids how notes sound as they move up and down, giving them a spacial awareness of intervals, and a good grounding for reading music later on.

Chime bars are such adaptable instruments, and as kids get older they are a great help with learning to read music and encouraging creativity with composing and improvisation. They build memory skills as kids develop patterns and sequences which is also so good for maths development. So as children grow and develop, they can do even more with them.

Kids love playing with chime bars, it can be played at home or included into lesson plans for a group. Either way they’ll not only become old favourites, but build a firm foundation for learning music.

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