【HOT TALK】 Malaysia’s FIRST 21st century interactive & intelligent digital piano programme!

Does your child still playing piano using the traditional method? 🎹🤔 Learning through score sheets is OUTDATED! Have you ever thought of letting them to learn piano with a BIG iPad? ✨

Children in the 21st century seem to be less interested/stimulated with the “rigid” learning style! As a result, they become less and less motivated to practise playing piano, then you slowly realised that traditional one-on-one guidance method is outdated! ….😥❌

There is nothing wrong about the traditional method! However, if you would like to have your children to stay motivated to learn playing piano, you will definitely need to follow the current TREND! If playing piano is as easy as 【playing games】, do you think children will be more 【motivated】 & 【self-disciplined】 to learn playing piano? 🤩✨ It’s definitely a YES!

😲 Witness your child with zero foundation to one who can play simple songs in 1 month, would that be great?
🥇 Introducing the first interactive intelligent group piano programme in Malaysia! So you ask, what is the difference between this new piano programme and the usual ordinary piano learning?
✅ Utilising 【gamification】method from UK syllabus to learn– In 90 hours, more than 2,000 kinds of songs, allowing students to break through each level, to build their sense of accomplishment & challenging spirit 💪
✅ The syllabus of the course includes British 🇬🇧 piano exam songs from Grade 1 to 4 and popular songs
✅ Providing 4K clear screen (equivalent length of 88 keys) as a demonstration screen for effective waterfall-like practice
✅ Wide & comfortable screen for children, providing eye-protection + adjustable brightness, students can play the piano with ease!
✅ Purchasing piano scores is no longer required – theory & practical lessons are all included in the smart piano
✅ Professional & well trained piano instructor provided
✅ Exclusive ensemble session available, allowing students to experience ensemble performance
✅ All digital scores are vibrant & vivid which replicates animated games! 🌈

Now your kids will no longer say that piano lessons are boring!

This program employs high-quality digital pianos, its touch and feel is 80% similar to acoustic pianos! The smart piano also provides the functions of 【partner training】 and 【accompaniment】.
Why❓ This is to effectively detect & correct the practising method, as well as to provide children accurate feedback based on their play immediately!

😲It is an interesting music programme which promotes group learning. Through peer learning, your child is able to gain motivation to advance with other students too.

Who will be a good fit for this course?
☑️ For 3.5 to 12-year-old children (this is the golden period for children to develop creativity). Children under 3 years old will need to undergo an assessment to find out if they’re fit for this programme.
☑️ For beginners to piano Grade 5 students. Through 3 years duration, children will successfully achieve as a Grade 5 piano player.
Let’s create an interesting learning childhood and witness your child to confidently play beginner songs within just 1 month!

**Limited pax only, send your enquiry if you’re interested to obtain course timetable or other details.
Book now for a trial class at RM 20/student ❗ | 💡 Trial class will commence in May 2021.
🌎 http://www.mksoundsheavenly.com

  • 011-2320 6800 (Main hotline)
  • 016-5363 043 Ms. Wong (Dean)
    📲 WhatsApp: https://wa.me/60165363043
    📍 Plaza Mont Kiara / Bandar Sungai Long

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