Well-received early children (2-5 years old) music course is available ONLINE! 🔥

Many parents had raised their concerns: 🤔 “When should my child learn music? Hmm… it’s better if they start after they can communicate and write, isn’t it?”

Actually, it’s best to start from young! The same applies to learning music, as the golden period for children brain development is from【0-6 years old】. Starting young could cultivate their interest and focus in music too.

If you would like to kick start your child’s music foundation and help to develop their musical progression in future, let’s not miss out on WONDERFUL MUSIC STAR COURSE (WMS)!

Pioneer early years syllabus to be adopted by the UK exam (National College of Music and Arts) in 2021!
Ms. Penny Wong, the author of WMS syllabus is the authorized person who developed the assessment as well as an appointed examiner for this NCM UK Early Year Medal. 🇬🇧

Our Early Childhood Music Program is just ideal for small kids! They learn through various cognitive ways – NO REPETITIVE WRITING NEEDED!

At a young age, we believe that they should be developed musical interest through:
✅ Singing and movement
✅ Music map and story
✅ Chime bars instruments
✅ Rhythm emphasize and little dictation on rhythm
✅ Colouring page
✅ WMS Course Book (compulsory book to sit for UK Exam), backing track music, percussion kit, flashcards, 8 tone chime bars provided in learning package!

Our program employs teachers who have completed WMS Teacher Training Course, as well as in-house music arrangement for a unique experience!

😮 Who will be a good fit for this course?
☑️ For early year children (2-4 or 5-year-old).

😮 What are the course highlights?
🥇 Our exam Wonderful Music Star Early Years Medals — UK recognised certification & medals (gold, silver and bronze) upon completing the mini music performance by choosing the songs from our syllabus.

Let’s create an interesting learning childhood and witness your little ones to have their own musical performance within a short period of time with the correct guidance and practice!

🥇 Suitable for Group Class as well as for individual home setting practice.
💻 Group classes are available ONLINE (Zoom) & physical class.
🆓 Free Trial Class on September 2021. Available on Weekend and Weekday!
**Limited pax only, send your enquiry if you’re interested to obtain course timetable or other details.

Head on to our website for more details on enrolling into our programmes as well!

🌎 http://www.heavenlystarmusic.com
☎️ [email protected]
012-3271236 (Ms Siew: WMS Programme Manager)
016-5363 043 (Ms. Wong: Director/Principal)

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