[Breaking News] Congratulations to SIMON YANG, on winning first place at American Prostége International Piano Competition, and will be performing in Carnegie Hall in New York in December 2023.

On February 20th, New York, USA brought an inspiring news to Xi’an Liangjiatan International School: Simon Yang from XLIS P4C, a student of our principal, Ms. Penny Wong, won the first place in the youth category of the American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition, and was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York on December 24th, 2023. As an outstanding benchmark in the international music industry, Carnegie Hall has always been a place of longing for artists around the world. It is remarkable that a 9-year-old boy like Simon will successfully take the stage at Carnegie Hall. One can’t help but wonder what kind of family education could cultivate such a talented young pianist.”

You may read the full post here: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/MnbnFjUgQ8cdhlsNRhdVnA

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