Music Theory for Young Musicians (Grade 4- 3rd Edition)

Designed as a workbook to suit the needs of today’s young pupils and their teachers, this series presents music theory in a very easy to understand and practical format. Here are some of the pedagogical principles adopted, which make this series unique:

Problem Solving: Breaking a problem into smaller parts makes solving it easier. This series isolates a problem, breaks it into small, manageable parts, and then merges it back into the bigger picture.

Repetition: The key to learning music theory is repetition. Under the lesson plan, the pupil studies component parts incrementally, applying previously acquired skills in the repetitive drills of subsequent lessons.

Association: Children will not learn if repetition is dull. The series creates a fantasy world by using pictures, cartoons and stories to introduce new key words and concepts: this arouses the interest and invokes the imagination of the child, thereby aiding retention of the information.

Challenge: Examinations can provide a challenge to the pupil. This series covers the latest revisions outlined by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music for their theory examinations. It uses effective and efficient drills and exercises that progressively teach the basic concepts. The material is simplified to suit the child’s level. The examples and exercises build on language and concepts that children already have, culminating in the acquisition of the skills and knowledge vital to passing the examination.


The 3rd edition of Music Theory for Young Musicians brings the practice exercises and examples in the text up to date with the latest ABRSM exam requirements. Incorporated with exam-oriented terms, instructions given are made simple and clear for each exercises; they serve to familiarize the students with the format and content of the ABRSM exam while making them easy to understand. To support exam preparation, this edition includes revision notes on the key areas and a specimen test in the exam format. Exercises and drills are revised to reflect the changes to the new syllabus and format.


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