Wonderful Music Star: Music for Early Years (English)

The variety of fun activities which appeal to illustrations, stickers, flashcards and a variety of singing, movement and colouring activities make it the perfect series for encouraging a child’s interest in music and developing their knowledge. Wonderful Music Star is a step-by-step series of 11 songs that are connected with a story. Each new element is introduced and explored by means of an inventive system of activities which is guaranteed to appeal to young children. This book is compulsory to be used for WMS Early Years Medal assessment by the UK National College of Music and Arts.

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Wonderful Music Star For Early Years Program is designed to help young children to explore the wonderful world of music through a variety of musical activities. This course caters to young children of age two to four years old. This book fits the purpose of a sort of guidance for parents, teachers, as well as some practitioners to develop musical activities in group or private class settings. The concept of picture books enhances the young ones to learn music or language through the interesting graphics as well as hear the song.

Moreover, this approach is a systematic music method book where singing, aural listening, inner hearing, instrument playing, imaginative music play activities are all included. All these musical experiences are introduced to develop tonal memory and musical expression as well as to help the little young children to be exposed to the enjoyment of musical growth. 

Title Wonderful Music Star Student (Eng)
Author Wong Pek Har
Language English
Category Children Music Education
Page Count 104
Size A4 (21 x 29.7cm)
Book Type Paperback
Publisher Heavenly Star Music Sdn. Bhd.

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