The Art of Piano Finger Technique School


Creating Piano Prodigies, helping your child to achieve their piano dreams! 🎹 🙌 🎼 Malaysia’s first-ever piano technique course designed to develop fundamental skills!
Improve and elevate your piano technique and performance level with the right methods!

在意识到钢琴演奏技巧的重要性以及学院的青少年音乐才能计划 (Young Talent Program) 的配合下,
Heavenly Star Music决定开设一门全面针对钢琴手指技巧的课程!🔥

Realizing the importance of piano playing technique and in conjunction with Heavenly Star Music Sdn. Bhd.’s Young Talent Program, we have decided to offer a comprehensive course specifically designed to enhance piano finger technique! 🔥

【The Art of Piano Finger Technique School】


Helping piano learners to overcome playing obstacles:

  • 👉  The Hand Positions
  • 👉  The Finger Technique
  • 👉  The Relaxation Technique

演奏钢琴的技术可说是深不可测, 这些年来,为钢琴创作的作品越来越丰富,演奏的要求技术却越来越难。
这门课程将选用来自著名音乐作曲家✍拜尔,✍哈农,✍车尔尼,甚至是✍萧邦和✍李斯特等出色而系统的练习曲,从这些伟大且久远的方法中获益 🎹

The technical demands for playing the piano are getting tougher with an increasing range of compositions being created for the piano. This course will adopt the excellent and systematic exercises from renowned music composers such as ✍Beyer,✍Hanon,✍Czerny, and even from ✍Chopin and ✍ Liszt, gaining benefits from their great techniques. 🎹

为什么家长都想让琴童参与 【The Art of Piano Finger Technique School】?
✔️马来西亚罕见的针对 #钢琴手指技巧的课程
✔️建立良好手型, 打好更为稳固的基础

Why do parents want to their children to participate in [The Art of Piano Finger Technique School]?

✔️A special course in Malaysia that focuses on #the piano technique
✔️Develop good technique during children’s golden period
✔️Taught and guided by professional master’s and doctoral degree holders 
✔️Build good hand posture and lay a more stable foundation
✔️Targeted and comprehensive technique training, avoiding aimless mechanical practice!
✔️Graded group courses, experiencing a better path forward together
✔️Learn how to “sing’ the musical phrases to understand the musical expression of the phrases
✔️Receive a complete recorded video for effective practice at home

👨‍🏫Dr. Tham
🏰马来西亚Sultan Idris Education University音乐与表演艺术系的高级讲师
📚拥有都柏林市立大学皇家爱尔兰音乐学院 (Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin City University) 音乐演奏博士学位

⭐Introducing Professional Instructors⭐
👨‍🏫Dr. Tham
🏰Senior Lecturer at the Department of Music and Performing Arts, Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia
📚Holds a Doctor of Music Performance degree from the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin City University.
🎹A renowned soloist and chamber musician, who has performed concerts in Ireland, the UK, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore and other countries.

👨‍🏫院长Ms. Penny
📚拥有马来亚大学和英国利物浦约翰·摩尔斯大学(Liverpool John Moores University, UK) 音乐表演硕士学位

👨‍🏫 Principal Ms. Penny
🏰 The director and founder of Heavenly Star Music Sdn. Bhd., the examiner of the Early YearMusic Wonderful Music Star and the US IMAA Board.
📚 Holds a Master’s Degree in Music Performance from the University of Malaya and Liverpool John Moores University (UK)
🎹 Students have won gold and distinction awards in many competitions, such as the London Clementi Competition, Hoping Competition, and World International Competition.

除了长期固定导师,每个学期也会邀请Guest lecturer 客座钢琴教授指导。

In addition to regular faculty, guest piano professors are invited to teach each semester.


Who is suitable for this course?
✅Piano students who practice diligently but have not seen improvement
✅Piano students who want to improve their piano skills, such as finger flexibility, speed, strength, pitch, and sense of rhythm
✅Children who want to make their performances more infectious and expressive, learning to master their skills and combine them with expressiveness!
✅Students who want to complete graded exams in a short period of time (provided that parents and students actively cooperate)
✅Advanced students who want to overcome difficult techniques such as octave scales, thirds, scales and arpeggios, and large jumps.

此课程分为四个等级:This course is divided into four levels:
📈 Beginner (Pre-Grade2) 初学者课程
📈 Intermediate (Grade 3-5) 中级课程
📈 Advanced (Grade 6-8) 高级课程
📈 Post-advanced (Diploma) 高级后期课程

**需通过钢琴试演 (Audition),每个月将有定期表演班,且每个学期末会有课堂评估。

**An audition is required to enroll into the piano course. Regular performance classes will be held every month, and there will be a classroom assessment at the end of each semester.

让我们一起为孩子们打造更好的音乐教育,并达到学习目标 🔥

Let’s work together to create better music education for children and achieve learning goals! 🔥


As registration slots are limited, if you are interested in getting more information about the course or the schedule, please PM us!


You can also visit our website for more details about the course or register right away using the following contact information.

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