How to Choose the Right Teacher?

How to Choose the Right Teacher?


It is necessary to find the right teacher in the early year’s stage, as a good start allows students to establish good habits, and greatly improve the efficiency of learning and maximizing their potential. How can I find a good piano teacher?

🌈 Choosing the right teacher for Early Years

Some parents may think that in the beginning, children know nothing, therefore they do not need a good teacher. They may learn the basic skills from any teacher, then change to a good teacher when their skill advances. However, early years music is just like laying the foundation of a building. If the foundation is unstable, you may waste your energy and time in the later stage to get rid of the bad playing habits. Professional and responsible teachers will make huge differences in teaching standards, according to the personalities and learning styles of each student – to maximize the students’ potential.

🌈 Strict teacher does not equate to a good teacher

Piano learning is an activity that lasts for a long time and has a great impact on the development of a child’s personality. For the teacher, student’s improvement of skills comes second, and his/her most important focus should be the healthy development of children’s psychology and enriching their childhood. He/she may constantly adjust the teaching specifications, teaching progress and teaching methods, so that the children’s piano learning activities are balanced and fun. Patience is also an important factor in choosing the right teacher.

🌈 Solve the problem, not just stating the problem

We go to see a doctor if we have a cold. The purpose is not to confirm whether we have a cold, but to know how we can recover. Piano learning is the same. The main objective of the teacher is not to tell the students where is the mistake, but to give suggestions on how to get better. There are some teachers who provoke the problem, but at the end of the talk, they may not put forward a constructive suggestion for amendment. Therefore, when the parents are in the trial class, they may pay attention to whether the teacher has provided ways and suggestions to improve some of the children’s problems. If the teacher is only “picking faults”, then you can change the teacher as soon as possible.

🌈 Assigning homework is a skill

If the teacher uses a single method book and/or etudes for the children, then it is best to find a new teacher. A teacher who has research on teaching will never let students learn from only one book, as they will try their best to find extra materials to feed student’s learning abilities.

In summary,

1️⃣ Find a professional teacher
2️⃣ Teachers must be patient
3️⃣ Solve the problem, not just stating the problem
4️⃣ Teachers should be able to assign targeted and appropriate tasks according to the students’ learning abilities

Parents shall understand that no one is perfect, and a perfect teacher does not exist. We do not choose the “best” teacher, but a teacher that is the most suitable for our children.



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