Why Do Kids Learn Better in Group Class?

Nowadays, many music learning centers and schools encourage children to learn music in a group setting. A notable music method is using the Orff methodology. Why is learning in a group class beneficial to children?

Orff music education is a comprehensive music methodology. In Orff’s music class, children will no longer just learn about melody and rhythm, but also visual-related arts such as movements, dance, performance, and painting. Orff’s music education system believes that rhythm is the soul of music, and the sense of rhythm is the key to the early years of music learning. Therefore, the focus is not on the number of tunes that the children know, but on his sense of music and the sense of rhythm.

✅ Why learn in a group setting?
The purpose of group learning is to create opportunities for children to communicate, build teamwork and share joy.

✅ What kind of teaching and training are there?
Three main aspects of training:
1. Vocal training
Vocal training includes rhythmic reading and singing activities. Generally, the difficulty is selected according to the children’s age, such as nursery rhymes, game rhymes, riddles, etc. This is the closest way to reach children’s musical nature according to Orff.

2. Movement training
The movement training includes rhythm, dance, role play, conducting, and dynamics activities. These are simple and interesting activities that use children’s bodies as instruments for rhythm training. It is an indispensable part of children’s music learning.

3. Musical Instrument Training
Musical instrument training is the activity of playing musical instruments. Orff’s music teaching method requires the teacher to play the melody (such as playing the piano), and the children play simple percussion instruments, such as shakers, triangles, chime bars, playing keyboard, etc.

Then, the teacher and children will play in an ensemble (group) setting. For instance, the teacher plays the melody, and the children complete their own performance tasks by following the teacher’s melody. This not only simplifies the operation of the children’s performance but also allows the children to effectively participate in the entire music.

✅ Orff music benefits?
1️⃣ Cultivate your child’s interest in music
2️⃣ Cultivate your child’s concentration and coordination skills
3️⃣ Help your child to express emotions
4️⃣ Cultivate other artistic talents of the child
5️⃣ Unlock children’s multiple intelligences

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